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Young Driver Car Insurance UK

You are generally deemed a "Young Driver" if you're aged 17-25

It doesn't seem right or fair that young drivers have to pay so much for car insurance in the UK, at the time in life that they can least afford it. There are several reasons and statistics which the insurance companies must take into consideration when deciding the premiums they set for young drivers, these are all based on a higher "risk" and few help the driver.

There are some companies however who specialise such as Ensleigh Insurance, and offer discounted premiums for young drivers.

Considering the following points will help you understand the reason for these high costs:

Teenage drivers are 3 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than those aged 25-64.

A teenage driver is 9 times more likely to be at fault in a road accident than a 31-40 year old with the same experience.

A 17 year old male is 9 times more likely to have a traffic accident than a middle aged driver for evry mile they travel.

If a young driver is accompanied by 1 passenger they are twice as likely to have a traffic accident, this increases to 5 times if there are two or more passengers.

Looking at the above points and realising that insurance companies calculate their premium on risk it is easy to see why young driver insurance in the uk is so expensive. There are however ways to minimise the cost.

Cheaper Car Insurance for Young Drivers

The cost of car Insurance for young drivers can reduced in a number of ways, most of which effect us all but are more crucial for young drivers. There is more on these general rules here.

Be sensible about what you drive. There is no doubt that a high performace car in the hands of the average young driver will worry the insurance companies, many of which won't even offer a quote. Choosing a car with a low insurance group and particulrly one with a moderate size engine and performance will help lower you car insurance premiums. An old performance car or hothatch, whilst it may be cheap to replace will still make you more likely to crash. Don't forget the insurance company will have to pay for the car you hit which may not be so cheap to replace.

Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums to young drivers who take on advanced driving qualifications such as the Plus Pass Test. for more details click here

Be careful and build up a no claims discount. Some companies offer an instant No Claims Discount. We recommend you try Ensleigh Insurance.

Restricted mileage can reduce your risk and therefore your car insurance premiums.

Avoid cars with big spoilers, alloy wheels and expensive stereo or sat nav sytems, they increase the risk of theft and thereore your premium.

Try an keep your car off the road, garaged if possible.

Become a named driver on your parents insurance can reduce the cost of car insurance but it unlikely you'll build up any no claims discount.

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