Types of Car Insurance in the UK

Third Party Only (TPO) - (the minimum car insurance required by UK law)

Third Party only insurance covers the policyholder against the cost of damage to a third party's property or to the third party themselves.

This means that if you crash into another car, a wall or if someone is injured by your car, the insurance policy will pay out for everything except damage to yourself or your property. It basically covers damage to anything or anyone effected by your car, except you. The insurance company will not pay out if your car is damaged, stolen or catches fire, nor will the insurance company pay for any of your medical expenses.

Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

This is the same as third party only insurance with the additional cover against your car catching fire or being stolen. Depending on the vehicle, this can be substantially more expensive than TPO.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

A fully Comprehensive car insurance policy will offer the same protection as above PLUS damage to your own car and or passengers will be paid for by the insurance company, even if the accident or incident is your fault. Most Fully Comprehensive Insurance also offer additional cover for your belongings, windscreen cover, medical expenses etc. When comparing car insurance quotes we highly recommend that you look at the insurance policy (Certificate of Motor Insurance) and compare the cover being offered.

Remember that Comprehensive Insurance doesn't provide insurance cover for everything. The BIBA (British Insurance Broker Association) suggest that a good comprehensive policy should provide six key protections

• Cover for your spouse - as a 'named driver'. This shouldn't add to the cost

• Third Party Repair - Pays for the cost of repairing someone elses car

• Third Party Replacement - Pays for the cost of replacing someone else's car whilst theirs is being repaired following damage you've caused.

• Damage to your car - Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

• Third party liability - Pays for the cost of repairing someone else's property (including caravans and trailers) if you damage it. It also covers injuries to passengers and any others involved in an accident.

• Green Card - In addition, you can expect assistance to making motoring abroad easier. If you go to continental Europe, you can ask your car insurance company to issue an international certificate of motor insurance, or 'Green Card'. This could simplify dealing with the authorities if you're in an accident.

Extra Insurance Cover to Check On

There are often many extras that are either included in your car insurance uk or can be added for little extra cost. Here we have listed many common options for you to consider.

• Audio equipment - a common target for car thieves, this type of insurance cover can also cover other in car entertainment. Make sure the insurance company quotes for a policy that covers the full value of this equipment. From our research we have noticed many insurance companies put a maximum cover on these items.

• Personal belongings - This provides insurance for the things you carry around in your car. Most insurance companies are very specific about what is covered. Check your car's policy for details of this.

  • Medical expenses - insure against accident and injury medical expenses caused in or with your car.

 • Replacement locks - Even an unsuccessful break in can cause expensive damage to your car

 • Emergency travel or overnight expenses - The insurance company pays for things like hotel bills should you have a car accident away from home.

 • Legal expense - This covers the costs of defending motor related court actions.

 • Uninsured loss recovery - ensures that the costs are recovered from other parties if an accident isn't your fault.

 • Breakdown cover - Various options may be available for when you break down.

 • Free car hire - Your car insurance would supply you with a hire car whilst yours is being repaired or replaced.

 • Windscreen cover - The car insurance will pay replace your windscreen and normally offers roadside replacement when required. You normally pay an excess although your No Claim Discount is not normally effected.

 • Continental cover - A UK car insurance policy will meet the minimum legal requirement for driving in the EU, but won't cover every eventuality. Some insurance companies now offer free continental cover for up to 30 days of the year providing you are a UK resident and you advise them ahead of your trip.


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