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Bearing in mind the way a UK car insurance company calculates the costs of it's premiums i.e.. in direct relation to the "risk" any car or driver poses to them, along with competition from other insurers, it is fair to say that the main way to reduce your car insurance costs is to reduce the "risk" the insurance companies fear. Many of the suggestions below relate to this although there is some advise on where to buy and why.

• Be Honest

The most important advice we can give you. If you lie to an insurance company in order to get a better quote you may well end up uninsured. It's a contract, you tell them the facts they assess the risk and give you a price. An example of a perfect argument for an insurance company not paying out for a claim is this:

You tell the insurance company that your car is standard in the fear that if you tell them it has 18 inch alloys with a top of the range sound system and a modified engine it'll cost you more, and it would. The car gets stolen and you put a claim in for your car and the modifications. The insurance company says the car was stolen for the alloys, sound system and engine and that's why you lost the rest of the car, they didn't know about that when they calculated the "risk" and therefore the premium, so you get nothing at all.

It may sound like we're talking on behalf of the Insurance Companies, but we're not, think about it, they are right, and you most certainly won't get paid. We know they don't like paying out any more than we do, neither does a bookmaker, but when they lose a genuine gamble they have to and they do pay. Make sure you don't give them the opportunity to not pay you.

  • Fit a UK insurance approved immobiliser and alarm

Most car insurers will discount your policy for this as it reduces the risk of theft.

• Fit a tracker system

This is considered, by most UK car insurance companies, as the best form of defence from vehicle theft. Basically if your car gets stolen it can be tracked by specially equipped police cars, this has developed somewhat over the years and more advanced systems now offer you the ability to track the car yourself, some trackers even telephone the police and owner if the car is stolen. Many car insurance Uk companies will insist on the fitting of a Tracker for more desirable cars.

  • Choice of Car to be Insured

All UK cars are "grouped" for the purposes of insurance in the UK by the ABI (Association of British Insurers). These groups are given a number from 1 to 20, 20 being the highest risk. The factors that lead to the decision of what group a car falls into for insurance purposes is calculated by the cars performance, cost to replace, how desirable a car thief would think it is along with other such factors including how easy it is to steal. Cars we all probably remember as being in the highest groups are Sierra Cosworths and the like, a perfect donor vehicle to make your average Sierra into a beast.

Choose the right car and you may find that you don't really lose out on performance or looks, just they are grouped low for other reasons.

  • Keep a clean driving license

It's not just a fine and points you get when you get caught speeding. We know how easy it is to get caught these days and although we don't condone speeding a speed camera detector will at least tell you where they are. The knock on effect of getting caught by a speed camera last about 5 years, that's how long you must tell your car insurance UK about it, and it increases your premium.

There are several insurance companies uk in the that offer good rates to people with points and other convictions. See our other sections.

• Shop around

Shopping around for the best car insurance quotes is always a good thing, but always try and compare like for like. Some car insurance companies try to take over a segment of the market and this often causes the premiums to decrease as they are willing to make less money in order to seize a particular market group whether it be car insurance for older drivers, women drivers, performance cars, young drivers or drivers with convictions.

• Buy Your Vehicle Insurance online

The Internet has made car insurance UK far more competitive than ever before. In addition to this the costs are lower for running this side of the business, less staff and automated systems allow for this. For this reason you should get a better quote online.

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