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Why would you want GAP Insurance?

When you buy a new car it almost always immediately lowers in value if you where to sell it, but imagine you just spent £20,000 on your new car and 6 months later it is written off or stolen. Your normal car insurance you have will only pay out the second hand value of you car, lets say thats £15000. So effectively to replace your car with a new one like you had would cost you £5,000 more than the insurance pays out.

Gap Insurance comes in two form to try and solve this probem RTV-GAP Insurance (Return to Value) and RTI-GAP Insurance (Return to Invoice)

What is RTV-GAP Car Insurance

GAP Insurance stands for "Guaranteed Asset Protection"

Put simply and as always providing there is no unfair small print, RTV-GAP insurance will pay the difference between the amount you would need to replace your car with a newone and the amount the normal insurance company pays out on the value of the car you bought new but is now second hand.

ie. If you write your car off RTV-GAP insurance will make sure you get a brand new replacement without you paying. However contrary to the impressions many people get from salespeople your finance, loan etc remains unaffected. You still have to pay back what you borrowed for the original car.

What is RTI-GAP Insurance

RTI-GAP Insurance is the same as RTV with the difference being that instead of having the car replaced with a new one the RTI Insurance tops up the normal insurance to make sure you get back what you paid for the new car regardless of the current value.

Where to get it?

GAP Insurance is generally sold by car dealers at the point of sale however there is an insurance company that does it direct, which we recommend as all the details are on their site and they are regulated.Their website holds lots of information about their policies.PLease click the link on the right Click4GAP to view their site.

GAP Insurance

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