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Car Insurance UK - F.A.Q.'s

Whats the difference between a UK Car Insurance Company and a Car Insurance Broker?

An insurance company is the actual insurer of your car and will only sell the policies they offer, whereas a Car Insurance Broker is independant and therefore can choose from a large panel of insurance companies, depending which one suits you most. Before the Internet became a popular method of buying we almost always bought through an insurance broker.

What is the minimum legal amount of insurance required for driving a car in Th. UK?

Third Party Only (TPO) is the minimum car insurance required to use a car on UK roads although many insurance companies no longer offer this cover. We have explained more on this and other types of cover here.

Where can I get cheap car insurance?

This will greatly depend on who you are and what car you drive. Our site compares the most competitive car insurance sites in the UK. On our comparison page we have taken different combinations of cars and their drivers, go there now and see if one is similar to your circumstances by clicking here.

We have more advice on cheap car insurance here.

What does "Car Insurance Group" mean?

All cars are given an insurance group number by the ABI (Association of British Insurers). This insurance group number goes from 1-20 and is calculated by the ABI on things like engine size, performance and repair/replacement costs. All in car insurance companies in the UK use this no. to help them decide on the insurance premiums set for such cars...more

Why is car insurance cheaper for women?

Some UK car insurance companies specialise in car insurance for women and offer cheaper quotes on that basis. The reason for this is that statistics show women are less likely to make claims. We have a selection of insurance companies that specialise here. Cheaper car insurance for women may become unavailable in the future due to politics click here for the news story.

How does a car insurance company calculate their premiums?

A car insurance company is much like a bookmaker, they take into consideration all the risk factors, such as the type of car, the type of driver, the amount of vehicles stolen from an area, the age of the driver and their driving history in order to calculate the "risk". The car insurance company basically takes a gamble based on carefully analysed statistics.

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